Do you own a WASHABLE filtration mask?

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At the onset of Covid19 back in March of 2020, we set out to create a better, safer, mask that combined all of the necessary elements to protect the ones we love.

We did it:

The WASHABLE filtration mask is here.

All of our products are proudly Made in the USA, and The Vivi Mask™ utilizes materials that do not diminish the medical supply chain needed for our frontline workers.

Our products are Made in the USA by our valued employees who receive a living wage. We believe in supporting the workforce in the US and we never outsource.

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Fit and Filtration

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Adjustable Ear Loops & Nose Guard


Good for the Environment

Two Inner Layers

The Vivi Mask™ is comprised of 4 layers.

The 2 inner layers of filtration are extremely fine microfilaments, which create millions of micro-channels through which air can flow.

Because the Evolon filtration material is NOT electrostatically charged like other brands, The Vivi Mask™ can be washed over and over again and maintain its efficacy.

Visit our FAQ's (and fiction) page for information and testing results.

Two Outer Layers

Soft to the touch, our fabric is treated with AGION - an antimicrobial solution which includes copper and silver developed for the medical industry to cutting-edge protection from 99.9% of microbes including viruses, bacteria, mold and fungus.

Agion technology is designed to automatically release its antimicrobial components ONLY when conditions for bacteria growth are present. It is also an odor absorber that keeps your mask smelling fresh all day.

Note: The Vivi Mask™ offers both antimicrobial treatment for cleanliness and Evolon fabric for good filtration performance

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VIVI : The Brand

VIVI: The Brand