FAQ's (vs Fiction)

Q.  How & why does The Vivi Mask™ offer greater protection than other masks on the market?

A.  Most “community” (non-medical) masks are made from common fabric-store textiles that were not designed to be filters. Their ability to stop small particles is highly variable and usually poor. The Vivi Mask™ is made with Evolon filtration fabric that was intended for use in masks and offers superior protection against the inhalation of small particles.


Q. What is particle filtration efficiency (PFE) and how does The Vivi Mask™ perform against a range of particles?

A. PFE is a measure of a filter’s ability to stop particles. For example, filters with the N95 rating stop 95% of particles in a certain size range.

A filter’s efficiency varies with the size of the particles trying to get through it, so a single number does not usually tell the whole story regarding a filter’s performance.


Q. What is the sub-micron particle range and why is it important?

A. Particles less than 1 micron (um) in diameter are the most challenging for filters to stop. Most makers of non-medical masks do not provide PFE data in this size range.  Good performance in the micron range (typically 1-5 um) does not guarantee adequate filtration against the smallest particles. The Vivi Mask™ was tested over most of the sub-micron range and offers good filtration for its intended uses.


The Vivi Mask™ stops 90% of particles between 0.2 and 3 um. Here’s how it performs against three different particles sizes:

0.2 um – 77%

1.0 um – 98%

3.0 um – 98%


The smallest particles are the hardest to stop with a non-charged filter. Most textiles are only around 5-20% effective against particles around 0.2 μm. Our filtration fabric offers more than twice the protection in this important particle size range. 

Note that the addition of antimicrobial agents alone does not improve filtration. The Vivi Mask™ combines the fabric cleanliness afforded by Agion with the filtration performance of Evolon, which has good efficiency even against the smallest particles.


Q. Why can some filtration masks be washed and others can't?

A. Medical and N95-rated respirators depend on electrostatic charges in their inner layers to trap small particles. Some leading consumer masks use the same inner filters with fashionable textile outer layers. Washing any of these masks neutralizes the electrostatic charges and greatly reduces their ability to stop small particles. In essence, masks that depend on charged fabrics cannot be washed.

The Vivi Mask™ uses layers of blended micro-fibers that do not depend on a static charge from the factory to trap particles.


Q. What does "anti-microbial" mean and what are the advantages of a mask treated with Agion?

A. Antimicrobial agents kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms such as bacteria. Masks treated with Agion have been shown to stay cleaner and fresh-smelling longer than untreated masks.

Be sure to note: treating a mask with an antimicrobial does not improve its filtration. The Vivi Mask™ offers both antimicrobial treatment for cleanliness and Evolon fabric for good filtration performance


Q. Why is mask fit so important?

A. Even a perfect filter cannot protect the wearer against particles if much of what they breath is flowing around the filter. Many mask designs have significant leaks due to pleats, gussets, and generally loose or poor fit that allows gaps to form. The Vivi Mask™ was carefully designed to fit the curves of the human face with little or no gaps. The ear loops and nose bridge are adjustable to ensure a snug, but comfortable fit that can be adjusted to the individual wearer.


Q. Does making The Vivi Mask™ use up materials that could go into medical PPE?

A. No! The Evolon fabric used in The Vivi Mask™ does not deplete scarce stocks of materials that are also needed for medical or professional use.


Q. How does The Vivi Mask™ help the environment?

A. Single-use masks are quickly thrown in the trash and a significant number of them wind up polluting the oceans. Vivi’s filtration fabric shows no significant deterioration in performance after 100 washes. This long, useful life makes the best use of the resources that went into making the mask and greatly reduces the environmental burden of mask waste.


Q. Why is The Vivi Mask™ the preferred choice for a community mask?

  • The Evolon fabric used in The Vivi Mask™ conforms to the requirements of AFNOR SPEC S76-001:2020 for a community mask.
  • Excellent particle filtration efficiency
  • Washable mask with long usable life
  • Excellent fit for most individuals using adjustable nose guards & ear loops
  • Does not use filtration materials needed by healthcare professionals

It should be noted: The Vivi Mask™ is a particle filtration mask for general consumer use. It is not NIOSH certified and is not for medical or occupational use. The effectiveness of The Vivi Mask™ against the inhalation of viruses has not been tested. Wearing of The Vivi Mask™ is not a substitute for other health safety measures recommended by the CDC such as maintaining distance, washing hands and avoiding large gatherings.


Q. Where is The Vivi Mask™ made?

A. We make all of our products in the USA... even our hand sanitizer. Our  workers receive a living wage because we believe in supporting the workforce in the US -- and we never outsource.